About us

Rafias PRI-SIM Textil SRL is a family company which makes weaving fabrics with its own design.

For us, the commercial activity is not only an economic issue but it is a family tradition which starded in Spain at the beginning of the last century with the harvesting, weaving and knitting of flax. Due to that we can say that the textile activity has been developed by our family for four generations.

We look for excellence in the goods produced, working with the best yarns at each production stage. We believe that each weaving is a world and each customer a wealth of opportunities, so we think and design for the whole spectrum trusting in the expert customer’s choice.

Our company has a lot of resources which allows us to dry the yarn getting the specific colour needed for each situation and in addition, twisting machines to create special yarns in order to develop unique patterns of weaving. Being more than 45 years in the business we can say that our company has a well trainned staff.

In addition to this, we keep abreast of the latest fashion visiting leading fashion centres such as Milan, New York as well as taking part in the university design course in UBA.